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Paymit and TWINT are joining forces. Switzerland’s biggest banks and SIX are consolidating their know-how to develop a new Swiss standard solution in the area of mobile payments.

Prior to the launch, the Paymit app and TWINT app will continue to exist in parallel.

On this website, you can find out all you need to know about the merger, keep up to date on the latest events in connection with the mobile payment solution and obtain an overview of the Paymit and TWINT functions for both business and private customers.

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Aus Paymit wird TWINT: Dieser Twitter-Account wird deshalb bald geschlossen. Um weiterhin informiert zu bleiben, folgen Sie bitte @TWINT_AG

Paymit becomes TWINT: This Twitter account will be closed soon. To remain informed, please follow @TWINT_AG

RT @MatthiasBitzer: #Paymit mittlerweile and Art Selbstläufer. Schöne Zahlen und spricht für den Erfolg. @AndreasKubli #finance20 https://t

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Die Finance 2.0 ist vorbei. Hier unsere Zusammenfassung. #digitalfinance #psd2 #twint #eID

@TWINT_AG Können künftig auch Guthaben vom #Twint #Wallet aufs eigene Bank/Postkonto wieder zurück gebucht werden?

@TWINT_AG Werden künftig auch ausländische Debit/Kreditkarten in #Twint integriert werden können?

#Twint : le lancement de l’application de #paiement par #internet de nouveau reporté #Twint wird offen und die Roadmap steht

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RT @_NoeI_: Wenn das schon die #Twint Member einsehen wird auch klar warum die Banken solche Panik schieben vor #Applepay. Zum Leid der Kon…

RT @_NoeI_: Wenn das schon die #Twint Member einsehen wird auch klar warum die Banken solche Panik schieben vor #Applepay. Zum Leid der Kon…

Wenn das schon die #Twint Member einsehen wird auch klar warum die Banken solche Panik schieben vor #Applepay. Zum…

Gerade das erste Mal #Twint benützt - ich fühl mich so jung und modern #trynewthings

Make cross-channel payments and benefit

Business customers

Collect cashless payments in a simple manner

The mobile payment solution can be integrated at the point of sale, in e-commerce and at vending machines.

Benefits for business customers

Private customers

Mobile payments and more

Pay with your smartphone, send and receive money – this is just the beginning.

Benefits for private customers

Answers to important questions

  • What are all the things I will be able to do with TWINT?
    • QR codes at payment terminals
    • Beacon with Bluetooth technology
    • E-commerce payments
    • In-app payments
    • Payments between individuals Customer cards and employee and student IDs can be saved in the app and will be integrated into the payment process automatically, enabling customers to benefit from the perks they are entitled to without having to lift a finger.
    • Customers can also choose to receive coupons offering them deals at retailers that have signed up for this TWINT service. Customers who are interested in one of these deals can activate the coupon and benefit automatically the next time they make a payment.
    • The 'Order & Pick up' function allows customers to order and pay for a coffee or lunch, say, while on the go. They then collect it from the retailer exactly when they want, without having to wait or pay in store.
  • Is there anything I need to do?

    No. You will be migrated to the new solution as soon as it has been rolled out, regardless of whether you currently use Paymit or TWINT.

  • Why are Paymit and TWINT merging?

    The owners of Paymit and TWINT, along with retailers, decided that it made more sense to have a single Swiss standard for mobile payments than several discrete individual solutions.

  • Will TWINT also be available in other countries?

    No. TWINT can currently only be used in Switzerland.

  • What will happen to the function that lets me send and receive payments to or from another person?

    This will still be available.

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